While a good breakfast can accelerate your weight loss journey, a bad breakfast can totally ruin it. In this article, we’ll focus on how breakfast helps in weight loss.

Breakfast Enhances Metabolism

The rate of metabolism is one of the most crucial aspects of the weight loss process, and therefore, you should eat breakfast to lose weight. When you forget to eat breakfast, the body can go as many as 18 hours without any food, as the night time is comparable to a fasting period. When you skip breakfast, your body cannot deliver peak performance during the morning hours, because it is too busy trying to save energy.

A good breakfast can enhance metabolism rate, and thus, accelerate weight loss. It is much better to aim for a calorie deficit during lunch or dinner, than to skip breakfast altogether. Almost 80% of people who are successful in maintaining their goal weight after completing a weight loss program eat breakfast.

Breakfast boosts energy

Many studies have concluded that those children who regularly eat breakfast have longer attention span, are less irritable and tired, and are better test performers compared to children who skip breakfast. The case is same with adults. Breakfast not only enhances your energy level, but also makes you want to go for run during the day.

Choosing the right foods for breakfast

When you eat breakfast to lose weight, adding the right foods to your breakfast is important, since doing that means you will have more energy during the day and will not have the urge to indulge in unhealthy treats. A bad breakfast may not only lead to unhealthy blood sugar level but also make you crave more harmful fats.

Lean protein sources like eggs; ricotta cheese or the low-fat variety of yogurt are good for breakfast. Oatmeal, toast made of whole grain and fruits are great options too. Your breakfast should ideally have complex carbs and lean protein. A low GI or glycemic index meal can release energy very slowly during the day, maintaining the feeling of being full longer. Avoid foods like flour pancakes and sugar-rich cereals since such foods will leave you quite hungry very soon. Also, avoid fried eggs or bacon because those may over-provide calories.

Skipping breakfast to cause a calorie deficit is not a great idea since this habit often makes a person tired during the day and intensifies the urge to eat unhealthy foods. Instead, eat breakfast to lose weight. A large breakfast and reduced calorie lunch and dinner is a better option compared to total breakfast elimination.