A lot of people want to lose weight but often become overwhelmed because it feels like even the best weight loss programs don’t work. They’ve tried it all, from calorie counting to cutting carbohydrates, only to lose a few pounds and then gain it all back in weeks.

On a conscious level, this problem can be blamed on things like a sweet tooth, genetics, or lack of exercise, but they often ignore an even bigger problem that prevents them from making permanent changes to their current lifestyle. That condition is fear.

People tend to have a lot of hidden anxieties when it comes to losing weight that keeps them stuck in their lifestyle, like:

  • Fear of unwanted attention from the opposite sex.
  • Fear of being viewed as selfish or vain for losing weight.
  • Fear of losing friends who are jealous of your success.
  • Fear of raising others expectations of you.
  • Fear of raising your own expectations too high.

It really doesn’t matter if you need to lose 100 or just 10 pounds of weight; those extra pounds or that eating pattern you’ve been in probably serves as protection from deep-seeded pain and fear.

What Can You Do to Break These Fears and Move On?

First, you need to realize the precise source of your particular fear. Take some time to sit quietly and focus your attention inward. Meditate and once at the height of peace, ask your self this question: What am I afraid of?

Several thoughts and sources should float to the surface. Make sure to listen carefully and don’t discredit them no matter how trivial or irrelevant you may think they are at first glance. Dig deeper until you’ve discovered them all.

When you have finished this personal examination, make sure you write them all down. Can you see any patterns there? Do they surprise you? Remember to not beat yourself up about these reasons. Many people have the same fears, but not many have the courage to finally face them and make changes.

After you have determined your true fears, ask yourself this: In what way does this fear serve me? What is this fear causing me to avoid?

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is the emotion one uses to as a way to protect oneself from future disappointments or pain. Is my fear justified?

Whether your fear is justifiable or not, you should begin to process your fears by revealing your thoughts and concerns to a trusted friend, family member, or professional. Make sure that the discussion takes place in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. This will give you a better chance to face the fallacy of your fear.

When you truly begin to face the fallacy of your fear nothing will seem scary anymore, and you will finally be able to confront and resolve your anxieties without using food or any other temporary fixes.